Professional Development

“My school seriously needs to take your class….
This was the most valuable class I have taken
in all my years of credential classes.”

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Online professional development programs for your district or university program. Graduate or continuing education credit options.

Professional Learning Communities:

Online Cohorts
Faculty participate in a professional learning community online using a Blackboard course shell (or similar platform) with an online moderator. The PLC may focus on specific topics or institutional goals. Participants access materials and resources online, participate in discussion and collaborate online, conduct student study, peer review posted materials, and/or mentor new teachers.  Asynchronous communication allows participation on a flexible schedule from a variety of locations. Provides a practical, sustained, participant-directed professional development experience.

Professional Development that is:

  • a continuous process, not a one-time product
  • learner-centered: individuals and groups identify needs and goals
  • problem solving applied directly to students and classes
  • collaborative, cooperative, supportive
  • networked with affinity groups and national models
  • reflective

What makes it successful?

  • establishing an effective learning community
  • effective use of digital networking tools
  • excellent moderation

Read more about it:

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Differentiation/Special Needs/Inclusion

Differentiated Learning for Diverse Needs
An interactive online training suitable to all educators:

  • Multiple entry points; adapt learning to your needs
  • Covers disabilities, gifted, and English language learners
  • Collaboration and co-teaching models reviewed
  • Collaborate with colleagues online
  • Practical ideas for addressing diverse needs in your classroom
  • 30 clock hours professional development, credit option

What Every Teacher Needs to Know About Students with Special Needs

  • Covers IDEA, IEPs, 504, differentiated instruction, classroom management
  • Understand the K-12 special education system
  • Practical ideas for addressing specific needs in your classroom
  • Collaborate with colleagues in online forums
  • Personal interaction with the instructor
  • 30 clock hours professional development, credit option

Advanced Study in Teaching Special Populations
An advanced online training for general education teachers.

  • Addresses quality standards for teacher license programs
  • Great for district teacher induction programs

Inclusion & Co-Teaching Resources & Collaboration
A resources and collaboration forum for inclusion teams.

  • Review resources on collaboration, co-teaching, Universal Design for Learning
  • Collaborate and co-plan to address specific needs in your school
  • Peer and Moderator feedback
  • Confidential online work areas for teams

Online Learning:

Introduction to Hybrid and Online Teaching
An online course designed for all educators. Learn to teach online through direct experience.

  • 21st Century Literacies
  • Internet Safety
  • Copyright and Creative Commons
  • Web 2.0 Tools, Bookmarking, Forums, Blogs, Wikis
  • Digital Libraries and Learning Resources
  • Course Management Systems
  • Experience Online Learning in this Model Course

Online Learning Practices for Administrators and Policy-Makers
Gain an understanding of online learning practices through direct experience.  Same topics as above, geared towards administrators and policy-makers.  Online networking with colleagues.

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