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X“Thank you, Denise, for an excellent, challenging and thought-provoking course.
It has been by far the most relevant to my teaching ever…”
Karen V.


Disability Studies In Education at Lewis & Clark Graduate School of Education and Counseling, Portland, OR  [Online]

Previous Courses:

UCLA Extension
Education X328.8 | 3 Units
Special Needs Learners: Issues, Policies, and Practices  [Online]

Course addresses classifications, legislative contributions, assessment, instructional processes, family issues, and current trends regarding special needs learners. Participants learn to identify individual students’ educational and psychosocial needs as well as how to modify the learning environment to meet those needs.

Fulfills the Special Needs/Mainstreaming (Standard 14) requirement for the California SB 2042 Preliminary Credential and the Ryan Professional Clear Credential. Please obtain the approval of your adviser before enrolling to ensure that this course satisfies your teaching license requirements.

UCLA Extension
Education X437.79 | 4.5 Units
Advanced Provisions and Strategies for Special Needs Learner Instruction [Online]

Review the full range of special populations, including special education, students with disabilities, advanced learners, and students with a combination of special instructional needs. Topics include legal issues, professional responsibilities, curriculum design, and instructional practices. Explore the importance of establishing working partnerships with families, resource specialists, therapists, psychologists, and other school/community personnel who can support the student’s academic achievement. Participants also examine their own curriculum and instructional models with respect to special population students and fostering a strengths-based community of learners.

Fulfills a core requirement for the CA Multiple/Single Subject Clear Teaching Credential for students enrolled in the UCLA University Induction Credential Program.  May be used at other institutions with prior approval from the candidate’s credential advisor.

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